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At Southampton Dental Smiles, your oral health and well-being are our utmost priorities. Our dedicated team is committed to ensuring your comfort and providing a stress-free dental experience. Trust us for compassionate care and precise dental solutions!

When is Tooth Extraction Necessary?

Sometimes, preserving your natural smile requires tooth extraction. Here are common reasons we may recommend it:

  1. Over-retained Baby Tooth: Is your child's baby tooth reluctant to fall out? Over-retained baby teeth can disrupt smile development. Call us to discuss if extraction is needed.
  2. Extensive Decay: Untreated dental decay can lead to severe damage and infections. If a tooth is non-restorable, don't hesitate to request an appointment.
  3. Severe Fracture or Crack: Various tooth injuries may necessitate extraction if the damage is extensive.
  4. Advanced Gum Disease: Periodontal disease can lead to tooth loss. If your teeth are compromised due to gum issues, call us to discuss your options.
  5. Wisdom Teeth Troubles: Wisdom teeth often cause problems. Don't wait; call us for an appointment if you're experiencing wisdom tooth discomfort.
  6. Overcrowded Teeth: In cases of overcrowding, select tooth extractions may be part of your orthodontic treatment plan.

Our Tooth Extraction Process

Rest assured, your care is in expert hands. Here's how we ensure your comfort during a tooth extraction:

  1. Comprehensive Examination: We assess your needs, taking digital radiographs as necessary to determine the type of extraction required.
  2. Simple Extractions: When possible, we perform simple extractions for easily visible teeth. We prioritize your comfort and can discuss dental sedation options if needed.
  3. Surgical Extractions: For more complex cases, we may refer you to an oral surgeon. Your comfort remains our top priority, and we thoroughly discuss sedation and post-surgical instructions.

Post-Extraction Care Tips

Following an extraction, follow these guidelines for optimal recovery:

Why Choose Southampton Dental Smiles?

Choose us for personalized, precise, and gentle care. If tooth replacement is necessary, we discuss your options, including dentures, fixed bridges, and dental implants – the closest thing to a natural smile!

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